Friday, October 11, 2013

Choir Concert

Last night I went to Nicole's choir concert. It was pretty good. It was short, which I love. Less than an hour long was perfect for me last night.

I have a couple of clips from the concert you can listen to. I also have some one liners I heard from teenagers as they walked by.  Enjoy both.

  • Because I'm that cool.
  • It was like completely random and uncalled for.
  • Bohemia is an area in Germany.
  • I knew what I say saying man! Learn our language.
  • Blind dudes don't worry about power outages.

The girls' choir teacher has encouraged the girls to sway back and forth during their performances. 

1 comment:

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Fun songs. Distracting swaying. So distracting. That would drive me absolutely bonkers to watch. But the concert sounds beautiful.

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