Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Memory Tuesday

I just saw on Instagram (Dedrac4 for the one person who was wondering) that a friend of mine was locked out of her house today for a couple of hours. It made me remember a time Ken and I locked ourselves out of our apartment when we had been newly married. I thought I'd share.

The day was July 13, 1998. Does that sound familiar? Yep, that's the day Nicole was born.

I was scheduled for an 8 am induction. We left the apartment, locking the door behind us and when we got down the stairs to our car, Ken and I both thought the other grabbed keys. There were no cell phones to use and we didn't live on the ground floor so there was no window to crawl through. We had to walk down the road to my Mom's house and she drove us to the hospital. Nicole was born at 5:30 pm that evening, a girl. Not a boy. That story is for another time. A time that may never come because I hate hate hate birth stories. The End.

The maintenance guy came and let Ken back in that night and it cost us $50.

We will bill Nicole after she gets her first paying job. It was the first sign that our brains would never function properly again, after having children.

A video for you. Is for fun.

I am imagine if a cat was a person, it would make the same faces Nicole does. The End. For real this time.

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