Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pennsylvania Photo Dump

I am home from THE BEST TRIP EVER! to Pennsylvania. Here is a list of the awesomeness that commenced.

  • Amish were stalked
  • New states were discovered
  • Cats were scared
  • Fabric was bought
  • A quilt was made
  • Much food was consumed
  • Late nights were the new normal
  • Presents were gifted
  • I saw family I'd either never met before or don't see very often on my Dad's side. His sisters Sheila and Stephanie as well as Stephanie's children--Vanessa, Roger, Margaret and Allen. I also saw one of Sheila's boys--Scott, for about 4 seconds.
  • Quilts were coveted
  • Many YouTube Videos were watched
  • Prizes were won
  • Tantrums were had--by the children
  • Much laughing and friendly banter was present
  • No baby was born
  • Candy was purchased
  • Blizzards, ice cream cones, dole whip, sticky buns, skittles and twix were eaten
  • Pounds were gained
  • A party was had.

I arrived at SeaTac at 4:30am on the 2nd, bound for Pittsburgh PA, with a brief layover in Chicago.

On the pane while in Chicago. We weren't allowed to leave the plane during our layover.

My Aunts' house

Me, Kate and Paul--Kate's Padre
We went to the Animal Hospital most evenings to do the books and eat Paul's snacks.




Sheila, Stephanie, Vanessa, Margaret, Me.

Candy Molds

Homemade Cafe Rio. the best meal I had in PA.

Welcome to West Virginia!

A whole cooler of sweet tea. 

Steubenville. This is only important to a true 'That Thing You Do' fan. Like ME!

My first time in a candy store.

Wedding Soup. It was delicious.

Downtown Pittsburgh

Giant Duck


I haven't had ice cream like that since Kansas at Braum's

Then I came home to see this guy. I love him. 


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

New states discovered: Like brand new states? Am I going to need a new map soon?
That thing you do: Love that movie
Candy store: Were you like a kid in there?

Prism said...

It's time to update your "World Domination" Map! I wish I could have seen you, but my schedule was too crazy! Glad you had so much fun! BTW, did you see that Baby Ruby finally arrived yesterday?

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