Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Ways To Surprise My Kids...

Here are ten things an outsider would think I had never told my kids, based purely on their reactions. 

1. You may not eat at the computer. Or on the couch. Or anywhere but the table. 

2. Your chores have to be done before you have electronics. 

3. You may only watch G rated Disney sponsored movies in Sunday or movies with the church logo on the back. 

4. Anna's bedtime is at 7. Nicole and Matthew's bedtime is at 9.

5. I will wake kids up (and pick them up from parties) if the don't finish their jobs. 

6. When I'm in the bathroom, I don't want to brothered. 

7. We have to be ready to leave 45 minutes before church starts. Being ready means: church clothes are on your body (and zipped/buttoned/tied), socks/tights are on, shoes are on, teeth are brushed, hair is combed, faces are washed. 

8. If you are bored, you can read a book, draw a picture, or write something creative. Practicing the piano and cleaning the toilet are also viable options. 

9. You have no control over your consequences, only your choices. If you don't want a certain consequence--choose your choices wisely. (This one causes surprise *and* rage.)

10. We leave for mutual at 6:45. 


Your dad and I are going on a date. No, you aren't invited. Yes, we will probably see a movie or go to dinner. Nope, you're still not coming. No, we won't bring you home a meal from the restaurant. Q. What time do we have to go to bed? A. Anna goes to bed at 7, Nicole and Matthew go to bed at 9. Q. Can we eat in the living room while you're gone? A. No, eat at the table. Q. What can we do when our movie is over? A. Read a book, draw a picture or write something. You can also practice the piano or clean a toilet. Please get your chores done before we get home or I will wake you up to finish them.

 Response: wwhhhaaaaaaaatt??!!!!!!!!!!

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