Thursday, August 9, 2012

15 years and counting.

15 years and 1 day ago i spent the last night in my mom and dad's house. yep, i'm one of those people. i went from the room i shared with my 11 year old sister to the room i share with my husband. [maybe that's why i want to live in a shed! i just want my own room.] i digress.  15 years ago today, i woke up at 4 in the morning and woke up everyone who spent the night in my room with me...gina and adam. hey guys! wake up! i'm getting married. they weren't as excited as i was. they are lame.

this is my favorite picture from that day. the sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky. in seattle! that doesn't always happen around here, even though it does happen a lot more often than you may think, if you've never been to these parts.
 fifteen years later, i couldn't be happier. i really love this guy. he is equally as nerdy as i am and that just may be our secret. we have a great time together and laugh the whole way. it's not really a secret though. we may or may not be some of the loudest people you know.

so i gave ken his metal chicken to celebrate our anniversary and can you believe he was surprised? just not in a good way. even though i've been telling him for months i was going to get him one. there is a video below. it has a swear word. [damn] watch it or don't. click here for the link if you aren't reading this on my blog.

 i told him the chicken's name was beyonce. he chose to be offended about not even being able to name it. the chicken's new name is damn chicken.

here is an anniversary countdown.
  • we've been married 15 years-the year of the big metal chicken!
  • we have a 14 year old daughter
  • we have a 13 year old son
  • lived in 12 houses
  • we've gone on separate vacations 11 times.
  • robert would be 10
  • ken has worked 9 different jobs, in 4 different industries. [we had a hard time committing to a profession at first.]
  • we've visited 8 temples together
  • we've gone to ensign ranch 7 times
  • we have a 6 year old daughter
  • we've bought 5 cars together.
  • we've lived in 4 states
  • 3 - the number of anniversaries we've spent together, not counting this year.
  • ken has baptized 2 of our children.
  • 1 happy family.
  • 0 - the number of times we've gone away without our kids. [that will all change in november]
  • we are married for eternity

so that's how we roll. i hope you have a great august 9! i know we will.


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