Monday, August 6, 2012

i'm complaining.

i have been growing my hair out since january. i've had it cut 4 times to keep it out of the mullet stage, but other than that, i've let it grow. i had great plans for a super cute hair style. last friday i went to my lady who cuts my hair to get said super cute hair style. she messed it up. big time. she messed it up so badly i told her i couldn't wear my hair like that and had her cut it a lot shorter to 'fix' it. i'm still sad three days later. i don't typically care that much. the funny thing is, i have had this exact haircut dozens of times. [the one she gave me to fix the bad one.] i've even had it cut shorter than it is right now and loved it. but i don't want it anymore. i want a longer short hairstyle. and i paid my dues with 8 months of frumpy hair. and i'm back to square one. and i think i look like a man. ryan to be exact. 

in other news:

 matthew left this morning at 5:30 for scout camp. he will gone until saturday. i miss that little stinker already. it's after 8 and no one had asked me if they can watch tv, play on my phone, or go to the lake. what am i going to do with my time! i'll tell you what i'm going to do.  i'm going to clean his room and throw all the junk away! muhahaha.

i love an empty closet. it is beautuful.
i have three countdowns on my phone right now. here's an update on important dates in my near-ish future.

my birthday is in 78 days. i'm going to have a birthday party. we will be eating fondue. a lot of it. and it will be delicious.

ken and i are going on vacation without our anchors children in 101 days.

ensign ranch is in 165 days. too much food, the best talent show ever and an epic game of pit and loaded questions await our arrival to the ranch. that reminds me, i'm in charge of the gift exchange again. 3rd year in a row. note to self: get that email sent out.

one date, not on my phone:

ken and i will be married for fifteen years this thursday. do you know what that means? see here if you need a reminder.
a few weeks ago i sent out a challenge to throw away 100 things in your home. did you do it? i did! i may do it again this week. all from matthew's room. haha.
i think that is all for now. stay tuned for more awesomeness.  here is a picture to look at. i need a ceiling fan in my house so i can do this.


Kate said...

i am stealing that 100 thing throw away. today and tomorrow. thats 200 things. it will be great. lets hope the kids dont end up in the bag out on the curb. heh heh.

Hoovy4 said...

Sorry about your hair. I need to get mine cut but am scared the same thing will happen.
Is Beyonce all wrapped and ready for her big day? Happy anniverserary! )(mispelled on purpose...I think it sounds better that way!)

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