Thursday, August 2, 2012

july awesomeness

here's what happened last month that i was too lame to blog about.

  • nicole turned 14.
  • she went to her first mariner's game.
  • and to wild waves.
  • and her first stake dance.
  • anna turned 6 years old.
  • she's been telling me she is big now.
  • i went to girl's camp. first time since i was 15.
  • matthew started football practice.
  • tackle football practice.
  • we fed the missionaries twice.
  • we went to the dosewallips.
  • we got cable tv. (to watch the olympics)
  • we canceled netflix.
  • i didn't get to go to utah to see my bff.
  • gina got to hang out with mybff.
  • i worked 158 hours.
  • i went to target with my friend amy. (<--- click that link!)
  • i made a costume for my friend, lara, who is in a musical review in tacoma. tonight!
  • we are going to that review.
  • i talked over 3014 minutes on my cell phone.
  • i sent 641 text messages.
  • i practiced the piano.
  • my brother moved from michigan to astoria. 
  • welcome home garen!
  • i didn't eat very many nachos.
  • ken's brother, rick and his family, came to visit us.
  • 4th time in 15 years cheney's have graced our door.
  • it was a great time.
  • i went swimming in the lake fully clothed. again.
  • i polar dipped at camp in glacier water...fully clothed also. (in my defense, i wasn't planning on doing it but i had to support my 6th year!)
  • i think that covers the big stuff.
  • happy august. i'll post at least once a week until school starts back up and we aren't so busy.
said, dedra


Kate said...

FACT: rootbeer floats are better than nachos. :)

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...


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