Saturday, August 11, 2012

waxing sentimental

tonight before i go to bed, i have to tell you how lucky and blessed i am to have to many awesome people in my life. this week i have gone walking with a friend, spent time at the lake with other friends and had a late night campfire with more friends. my visiting teacher, someone i didn't even really know two months ago, is so awesome! we went to shipwreck beads on thursday and had a great time. i have a friend clear across the country in pennsylvania who i miss so much and another in georgia, who i've known since high school, who i'd love to see again. i had a conversation with one of my besties from kansas this week. i miss her a lot! on saturday i saw cousins who have been near and dear to me since i was a little girl and i loved every minute of our time together. i'm so thankful for my kids. our house has been really quiet this week with only nicole at home. i can't wait for the noise to commence. just thinking about all the awesome people in my life brings me to tears. it's not often a girl associate with so many people that only buoy her up. i am so blessed.

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