Thursday, September 20, 2012

awkward and awesome


  • confusing the words condensation and condescension.
  • the realization that i am not as cool as my kids once thought i was. yeah, anna still thinks i'm funny.  the big kids...not so much.
  • gina. every. day.
  • we got two new sets of questions for our favorite game, loaded questions.
  • home school is going well so far. [i fear by typing this, it will be a jinx.]
  • i made 6 crock pots full of food yesterday and taught a lesson on crock pot cooking to the relief society last night.
  • today we are having left over crock pot food.
  • nicole. last night we needed a babysitter for the nursery so i called her. she was at the church less than 15 minutes later and helped out without ever complaining. [if i was her age, i would have complained. a lot.]
  • ensign ranch is in 120 days. this week we have discussed menus and our annual talent show.
  • this song. it's one of my new favorites.


Amy N. said...

So long since your last post...

The food last night was so good, I'm a little jealous of your leftovers! Though I do have the recipe, I guess I could technically make it myself...

Hoovy4 said...

THANK YOU!! And Nicole truly is a rock star! I really appreciate (2 of) the Cheney girls making last night a success. Love you both mucho!

Gina Jill said...

I am fun! You are lame!

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