Friday, September 21, 2012

it has started

one of my favorite parts about getting together with my extended family [my brothers, sisters and dad + their families] is when we talk about all the rotten things we did as kids. the statute of limitations has passed and we now know if we admit our transgressions to our dad, we will not be getting in trouble. he too will laugh about our acts of sheer genius.

yesterday it started in our home. matthew told me something he did a long time ago. i know it would have upset me at the time it happened, but i laughed quietly to myself as he shared it with me.

this story would be better if i could tell you what he did, but i'm getting old now and i can't remember. it's been over 12 hours and i didn't write it down. sometimes if i focus for a few minutes i can remember, but this time i'm really stumped.

i guess more than one thing has started in our home. apparently, i'm losing my mind as well.

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