Monday, September 24, 2012

this and that...

  • i spoke to my  cousin, kasey, on the phone the other day. it was the first time in easily 10 years. she sounds just like her mom.
  • recent quote of the day: 'i accidentally kneed myself in the head!' matthew
  • another recent quote of the day. 'why do you like that guy?' [matthew, speaking to me, referring this his father.]
  • i'm ready to put up my christmas tree. i am listening to christmas music and watching elf instead. 
  • listen to the song below to hear one of our family favorite songs from my childhood. when i listen to this song, i am upstairs in the house on camelia in meridian, dancing while the record plays on the giant stereo. i actually feel a little choked up, thinking about it. here is the link, in case you are reading this post by email.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOL0LyCloso

  • i have started sewing again. i'm working on 4 quilts right now and a christmas project. the quilts are awesome, my project is super exciting and i have to say again that i love love love my new sewing machine that i've had for almost a year. i should throw him a party. and give him a better name than mr. bernina. i think roger.
  • another quote of the day. 'mom! look! i'm growing teeth!' anna
  • i think that's it! 
merry monday!
ps, memory monday is coming back next week.  i've already started writing it.

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