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Better Than a Fairy Tale

*This post has been edited to add more memories. I guess that's what happens when a post is written in haster.

Once upon a time, Kent and Charlet Anderson moved their family from McMinnville, Oregon to Bremerton, Washington. It was January of 1990. When they pulled into the driveway of their new home, The EQ President of the Bremerton 3rd Ward was waiting in the driveway for them. He introduced himself as Bob Sommer. Throughout the evening, other men showed up and their names were getting all mixed up. One of the little boys referred to Brother Sommer as Brother Bob on accident and his new name was born. Since I was 12 years old, He has been Brother Bob, except for a 5 year sabbatical he took, when we called him Bishop. Brother Bob's wife is Pam.

Pam wasn't there that evening, but we met her the next day at church. She was my Beehive Counselor. Present in every YW class on Sunday and leader of Mutual activities on Wednesday evenings. We did many an FHE with the Sommer's over the years.

We moved from Bremerton when I was 14, to the next town over--Silverdale, but did not lose contact with the Sommers completely.

My senior year we moved to Bremerton and I was elated to learn we were in the Sommer's ward again. Pam was the RS President and Bro Bob, the YM President. My first mutual in the ward, I hugged him and say, 'Hey Brother Bob' and my current YW President told me I could not call him that. Luckily he saved me,  (These kids have known me forever and they can call me that.) and his namesake was preserved.

My Mom served as one of Pam's counselors. When Pam's mom was dying of cancer, I was able to go to their home and help take care of her while Bishop and Pam took a couple of trips.

Before I went to the temple for the first time, Pam bought part of my ceremonial clothing.

Bishop performed the ring ceremony when Ken and I got married and he officiated the funeral of our son, Robert...who was named after Robert Sommer. (Brother Bob.)

We received Christmas cards from them every year and they visited us when we lived in Utah.

In the summer of 2004, I was visiting my parents for a while to help them with festivals. I got sick the second morning of Meeker Days and while my Mom and Heather went to the festival I stayed home and felt like I was going die. My Mom told me to call Pam and ask her to take me to the ER. Pam picked me up within minutes and she didn't just drop me off. She stayed with my for 7 1/2 hours, until my Mom and Dad got there.

When my Mom was dying, Brother Bob is the one who called me because my Dad's phone puttered out that night. (Heather made the called once she had passed.)

Pam was a cancer survivor when I met her. When Mom had cancer, she got it again and beat it. But Cancer is a bonefied A-hole. (offense is a choice.) It beat at her and mom with a vengeance. Three days before Mom died, we were talking on the phone and I was asking about Pam's condition. Mom told me she thought Pam was going to die and we had a good cry over it. As you know, Mom went first.

Three weeks ago, Pam was put on hospice and on July 3, 2013 at 12:48 pm, she lost her final battle with cancer.

I went to Bremerton on July 5th and along with her daughter and one of her best friends, I was able to assist in dressing Pam for burial. She looks so beautiful.

I will also be participating in her service, accompanying her children and grandchildren as they sing one last song for her.

Words cannot express the sadness I am feeling or the joy I have for her.

Her and Bob will live happily ever after.

Dear Pam,

Thank you for loving me and being a friend to my parents. Pinch mom's bum for me and tell her hair looked good short when she left. I love you.


At our wedding reception.Not the best photo ever taken. haha
June 1999

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Amy N. said...

What a beautiful tribute to someone very important in your life.

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