Monday, July 8, 2013

Thoughts in my brain.

  • I still think about people I was friends with as far back as age 5 or 6. Some of their names are so common, and I wouldn't recognize them in a photo if I searched facebook, but I wonder how they are.
  • My kids have added songs they like to my spotify playlist. I feel tricked.
  • Matthew left for scout camp this morning. It's 9:30 in the morning and the house is still quiet.
  • Our hammock broke last night. I am mourning.

  • Are you wondering how it happened?
    These three are responsible. 

    • I'm finishing up the book, The Reading Promise. It's about a father read to his daughter everyday from when she was in 4th grade until she left for college. It's causing me guilt. They called their reading  every night 'the streak.' Every time 'the streak' is mentioned in the book, I think of Ray Stevens. Also, if I was going to do this with my kids, I would feel victorious for making it 10 days in a row. This father and daughter read for 3218 days straight, with out missing a night.  The book is good and her vocabulary is vast. A little show-offy.
    • I don't like drinking soda from a bottle.
    • I don't like drinking anything through a straw.
    • Anna's last front tooth is loose. If/when that thing falls out, she will have no front teeth on the top of her mouth. She won't be missing only two teeth. She'll be missing 4. Also, her teeth take for-ev-er to grow back in. Like a year.
    • 10:34 now and I've written 5 bullets. I guess there isn't really anything else in my brain.

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