Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Little Conversation during FHE.

Last night during FHE we did an activity where we said one nice thing about each person in the family. Anna was first, so we went around the table and everyone said something nice about her. Then we went to Matthew, then Nicole...you get the idea. When it was my turn, this is what we were graced with...

Matthew: I'm thankful for Mom because after Nicole and Anna are in bed each night I sneak into her room and sleep between her and Dad. Then she lets me make a special bed on her floor and I watch movies in her room every night. (This is one big fat lie, just in case you were wondering.)
Nicole: I want to do that!
Matthew: Nope you can't. It's what I'm thankful for. You can't because I'm the baby.
Anna: You're not the baby. I'm the baby.
Matthew: Hisses at Anna like an angry cat.
Nicole: Can I watch a movie in your room tonight?
Me: No. Matthew doesn't get to either.
Matthew: Yes I do, more cat hissing.
Me: Matthew, you know that wasn't true. Try again.
Matthew: I'm thankful for Mommy because she likes me the best.
Nicole: I'm thankful for Mom because I'm her favorite.
Matthew: NO! Mom gave birth to me, Dad helped. (Note to Self...review conception and gestation, labor and delivery with the boy.)
Nicole: Yeah, second.
Matthew: I'm the favorite.
Nicole: Mom and Dad have loved me longer...10 1/2 months longer.

Moving on......

Anna: I'm thankful for Mom because she takes care of everyone.

We ended it there. Ken was working late and I was working so hard at not laughing, we just had to stop.

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