Monday, March 10, 2014

Memory Monday

I just finished up the worst blog challenge ever so please forgive me for posting a YouTube video today.

Here are a few facts for you:
  • When I was in junior high, my brother Ryan worked at Pietro's Pizza in Bremerton. 
  • The uniform consisted of a shirt that said Pietro's, jeans, a hat, and a red apron that tied at the waist.
  • Ryan had/has no shame.
  • During this time, a new song by an artist who was sure to make it big came out with his first hit. 
  • His infamous name was Right Said Fred.
  • Dad hates Right Said Fred.
  • Ryan can't sing.
  • Ryan can't dance.
There was something magical about all these facts, when you clumped them all together. Here's how it would go...

The radio at the kids end of the hall was loud. Ryan got ready for work at the same time each day. Like all radio stations, you only have to listen for a short time to hear that song they over play.  Dad would get home, the song would come on and Ryan, who was fresh out of the shower would walk/dance around the house in a towel or with two of those little red aprons on--one tied in the front, one in the back--and he's sing I'm Too Sexy. (Think Prancercise) Dad would tell us to turn the radio down. Gina and I would tell Ryan to put clothes on. Mom would threaten to take that towel one day, while she sat on the couch and laughed. 

A few more little bits of info.
  • Dad still hates this song, as far as we know.
  • Gina had this song set as Dad's ring tone when he calls.
  • Ryan also used to get dressed in the laundry room.
  • After a very unfortunate event when I was in 6th grade, I started knock on the laundry room door before entering, just in case.
  • There are some things that can't be unseen.
  • Right Said Fred was a one hit wonder.
  • Any song would suffice if I'm Too Sexy wasn't on the radio. No song would also suffice. Haha. 


Ryan Anderson said...

I am still to Sexy.

Gina Jill said...

You should let other people decide that.....

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