Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gee-Whiz Collection.

Here's some info I thought you'd probably want to add to your gee-whiz collection.

  • I was at my friends house a few weeks ago and her son threw their cat at her. I can now say I know someone who had a cat thrown at them.
  • One of my kids came in my room, got in my bed and then said to me (completely unsolicited), 'Your four-head isn't that big!' Um...thank you?
  • My favorite quote during the Olympics..."I know they are trained to spin in circles, I just don't understand how they're trained not to throw up." (Ice Skaters)
  • My upper lip doesn't curve when I smile. This causes my smiles to look fake and adds to my lack of good first impression syndrome.
  • I'm going to make myself 4 or 5 aprons which I will start wearing everyday as part of my stay at home mom uniform. I spill crap stuff on myself All The Time. 
  • I am not well read in the Bible. I am trying to remedy that by reading this Bible this year. It's part of my crazy scripture reading goals. A few weeks ago during Stake Conference, the mission president was talking about Saul in the Bible. As he started talking about him, I was so happy because I had read exactly what he was talking about that morning! Then he said, "And of course we all know that Saul turns into Paul." WHAT?!!! Spoiler Alert!! I hadn't gotten that far and I did not know that. I was a little sad that he'd told me what comes next. I do realize however, I was probably the only person in the whole congregation who didn't know that. I blame being in Primary for 57 years as part of the reason.
  • I really love writing lists, post it notes, sharpees and rulers.
  • I really hate cats.
  • and snakes
  • and raspberries, raisins, and papercuts
  • I actually already have the topic for my Relief Society lesson in July. Amazing! I don't figure out what I'm teaching normally until I stand up to teach the lesson. For Real.
  • I ate a banana and strawberries with Nutella for dinner tonight...
  • ...in my bed.
  • I have already written a Memory Monday that will post tomorrow. I'm pretty happy with it. 
  • Here is a link to one of my favorite Memory Mondays I've ever written.  It is so worth rereading. For Reals.
  • I think that is enough for one night.
  • You're welcome.


Ryan Anderson said...

Quitting a 25 day blog challenge on day 23 is like dropping out of high school a month before graduation. Lame Sauce!

Kate said...

I support you quitting highschool before graduation. someone had to do it. :) also, i hate papercuts and have an irrational fear of getting one to the jugular and bleeding out.
on that note, good night. :)

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