Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memory Monday (Sunday Night Edition)

Bad Haircuts.

I'm a product of the 80s and 90s. Although I never had Farrah Faucet hair, I'm ashamed to admit I have been closely acquainted with other less than savory hair styles. I was going to share some great stories about the haircuts in our family but I think a picture is worth atleast a thousand words. So here's a few thousand words for you...
Meet Mi Madre. Mastermind of all our haircuts, designer of many of our clothes. She was an amazing seamstress and cut hair too.
Wendi, Heather, Me. About 1981. I remember the yellow dress.
Ryan in the back, Wendi, Adam, Garen, Heather, Me in the front. We all have the same bangs, but Mom grew Adam's hair out a little because it was curly. I also have a mullet.
Wendi, Ryan, Heather and me in 1979. I loved having dresses like the big girls.
Dad's graduation, 1985. Everyone looks angry because we just sat through 5 hours of graduation. The pink velour shirt was my favorite one that year.
Me in 2nd grade. A feathered mullet. This shirt had ribbons down the side and it was my favorite one that school year.

4rd grade. I like my bangs. I look like Garen.
Worst/Best picture. EVER. 7th grade. I'm growing out a mullet that my mom gave me 6 months earlier. I cut my bangs for the first time - obviously too short, so I told all my friends in school that Heather did it. To make it worse, I still ratted up my bangs and the  back of my mullet as high as I could. Oy.
For more hair stories, go to http://randrj2.blogspot.com/ and http://dreamawaysweetcharade.blogspot.com/. You'll have to ask to be invited to the second one, but Gina will probably invite you.


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

I just had to pop in on your blog and say hello! Hello, HAIR!! I love the mullets.... I had one too... gosh, I hated it.

Amy N. said...

My favorite memory monday ever. Those were some awesome do's! Also, I miss the split screen. :)

Hoovy4 said...

That picture of your mom is fantastic! And in the 3rd picture, you look like Matthew.

Hoovy4 said...

Oh, also, Abby looked at the pictures and said, "Are those pictures of people that died in 1876 or something?"

Kate said...

you should post some of these to awkward family photos .com. hahahahh. love the mullet - that is why we are kindred spirits - we both have had mullets. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the great memories...I had a family picture taken with my siblings in front of that very same Christmas tree in 1979!!!!! Way funny!!

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