Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Domination continued...

  • I'll be in Utah from August 1st to the 16th. Gina is moving into a new apartment, sans roommates, so I can stay with her.
  • We have 14 days o' fun planned and we will dominate the Wasatch Front.
  • I realized 5 days after the plans were made that Ken and I will be apart for another one of our anniversaries. I think so far we've been together for 5 of them...out of 14 - counting this year. It's a good thing we love each other.
  • This morning I booked a room at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. Gina and I are going Aug 8-9. Happy Anniversary to ME!
  • I'm SO EXCITED!!
  • I hate cats.
Other plans this summer include Long Beach for the 4th of July, Cannon Beach a couple weeks later to see my cousin, Darcy and both the big kids have youth camps. We are in the full swing of summer already and I LOVE IT!

Please enjoy the photo documentation of some of our other domination victories...
 Independence Missouri domination
 Kaylee's Pool domination
 Shari's domination
Wendi domination. (she actually rules. She just 'let' us do this because we are bigger than her.)

* Possibly, the word domination means something different...to us. (Try reading that sentence with a lisp. It's fun!)

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