Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome (revised)


  • The following conversation which took place right after church on Sunday:
Ken: Um, Dedra? When did you get that shirt?
Me: Three weeks ago.
Ken: Oh good. I was worried I didn't remember it. Um, Dedra? You probably shouldn't wear it again. Ever.
Me: Why?
Ken: It's not very flattering.
Me: You don 't think I look pretty?
Ken: I'm going to go make lunch.

  • I saw an elderly man sitting on a large rock in our neighborhood yesterday. He was wearing a granny wig.
  • Anna got a slug stuck on her hand.
  • I don't think anything else can top those three!
  • Today is my 3 year blogoversary!!  Best blogger ever. (In my expert humble opinion.)
  • Ken sang the National Anthem on Memorial Day for a special program at the funeral home. I'm still trying to get it to upload to YouTube. Stay tuned for that.
  • Ken irons his own shirts. And mine sometimes. Probably not the one mentioned in the awkward column though.
  • I've been going to the gym for a month and haven't gained any weight. (I'm looking for the positive here since I'm gaining muscle as I lose fat and weight exactly the same amount as when I started.)
  • okay, I really don't have anything else. Wait, one more.
  • I love that I have siblings who are blogging. Finally! I was alone on my bandwagon for 3 years. Blogging is WAY better than Facebook. (I'm Dedra, and I support that message!)
Awkward and Awesome:

  • Matthew walked up to a man wearing his dress blues on Monday. Matthew said, 'What are you? A Marine?' The retired Air Force dude replied, 'What are you? a Girl Scout?'


Amy N. said...

Happy blogiversary! Also, I liked your outfit on Sunday!

Kate said...

HAH!!!!! A girl scout. I LOVE it. That made my day. :)

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