Monday, June 27, 2011

Memory Monday

If you have parents - or were raised by anyone who cares enough about you to get ticked occasionally, you've heard it.  'When you grow up, I hope you have a child who is just like you!'

Welcome to Memory Monday...My Mother's Curse(s)

I was always told to make my bed first when cleaning my room. It made no sense to me why I should make my bed if I was just going to get back in it that night and maybe even get a nap too. Why should I? The child just like me: Nicole

As a little girl I didn't need a lot of friends. I had my toys and I could spend hours and hours playing by myself. Keeping up both ends of the conversation has never been a problem for me. The child just like me: Anna

Tell me what to do all day long. I don't want to do it so I'm not going to. The child just like me: Matthew

I cried too much. The child just like me: Nicole

I really love to read books. The child just like me: Anna

The piano has come fairly easy to me. Too bad I didn't practice more. I could be even better and maybe know some theory! The child just like me: Matthew

Every year I always knew what I was getting for Christmas because I am an awesome snoop. The child just like me: Matthew

I like to make funny faces and I twitch my nose and mouth a lot. The child just like me: Anna

I knew what was going on with everyone all the time and I would give you a report if you wanted it...or if you didn't. The child just like me: Nicole

Nicole loves to sew, cook, put together jigsaw puzzles and make lists.
Matthew likes taking pictures, music, Tetris and chocolate with almonds.
Anna likes getting fixed up, swimming, baby dolls and talking - a lot. A REALLY LOT.

Now, here's the dealio...I was a pretty good kid. I never drank or smoked or did drugs. 98% of the time I went where I told my parents I was going. I didn't come home late and remembered who I was. I graduated from seminary with a testimony and a clear view of a temple marriage. Awesome right?! How bad can my mother's curse really be? Not that bad really. I'm more stubborn than them. However, the thought of raising Ken's Mother's curses?? That never crossed my mind....He too fits the description above and you can add that he served a mission. But, he's a boy and he only has brothers. Oh the things boys 'think' of without ever using their brains.

It's totally worth it though. 

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