Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things That Bug Me Mucho...

When I write in my journal or write a blog post, I try really hard to leave out all the negatives in my life. Yes, times are tough. Sometimes we argue, we raise our voices and occasionally Ken and I say a swear word. We are a normal family and have all the baggage that comes along with it.

But does all the negativity need to be recorded for my posterity? I don't think so. That being said, here is a list of things that bug me about everyday living in the Cheney home (that will obviously be recorded for posterity.)

  • Blankets brought out to scripture study in the morning so kids can sleep between their turns. This doesn't happen everyday, but I dislike it nonetheless.
  • Burping and toilet humor while eating dinner.
  • Whiny voices and tattling. If the whiner is tattling they will be the one to get in trouble. 
  • I can't think of one reason why I should see one of my big kids walk through the house in (his) underwear. Adding special dances to the flashing does not make it okay.
  • I'm hungry, can I have ice cream? (If you are hungry, please eat something that will fill you up.)
  • Playing the piano with your forehead does not count towards your 30 minutes.
  • SIDE NOTE: I just found Ken's shoes he was looking for this morning for almost twenty minutes. They are in the front room next to the couch, where he took them off last night. Awesome.
  • If you say your room is clean but I'm not allowed to look in the closet, I have $100 that says your room isn't clean.
  • QUIT YELLING AT YOUR SISTER/BROTHER!!! (That's right. I yelled that.)

Okay, so I can't actually end this post with all the complaining that just spewed out of my brain. Here are some fun/cute/sweet/endearing/other adjective things my kids do that make it all okay.

  • Cole lays down by me most afternoons and steals my pillow. We laugh and visit and it's our time for about 10 minutes that is completely uninterrupted. We don't actually take a nap, we just talk.
  • We do jigsaw puzzles together. This activity helps her with motor skills and other sensory activities. It also strengthens our relationship and builds her confidence because she is turning into a puzzle ninja.
  • Matthew puts magnetix on all his brackets (braces) and chases Anna around the house. They both love it.
  • Sunday afternoon when Ken and I lay down for a nap, Matthew comes in and wiggles his way between us. He says that is his spot. At 12 years old he tries to act cool and tough. He doesn't want to hug me in public or let his friends know he likes us, but at home he is our baby boy.
  • Anna doesn't walk anywhere. She dances, skips, hops and gallops. It never ceases to put a smile on my face.
  • She has a song for everything. She says her brains taught them to her. She has a smart set of brains.
Okay, there you have it. We are real and we love each other. Families are forever and I am so glad about that!

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