Saturday, June 11, 2011

A post about Anna

The following is a transcription of everything Anna said in a 30 minute time period.

*I love frogs
*you know how long I can hold my breath for? (about 4 seconds) me-wow! You're good! Anna-i think I'm ready for the floating bridge! (we hold our breath while driving over bridges and through tunnels.)
*My brains told me to tuck my pants in like this. (into her socks)
*I thought it was a school today.
*How long Matthew go to school for? (7 1/2 hrs)
*ok, ummm, hmmm, oh.
*is it raining? (while looking out the window at the rain.) do you see rain? (ummm, hmmm. I fink so. It was pouring)
*Mama, where does Marsha live? (Ken's co-worker)
*Mama, that truck with rides every day and with something on the truck, is big like this tall and this small.(arms spread as wide as they will go) I saw it 2 minutes ago. It goes to my old school. Every day.
*When I was a bird, I had wings.
*Can I play with flubber?
*When I go to my old school, I go'd on a bus. But now I don't go anymore.
*Anyone got the mail today?
*what I look like when I do this? (stretch her eyes to look Chinese) I asked her what she thinks she looks like. 'Batman. I think when I do this I look like Batman.'
--she's looking at herself in the mirror right now.


First thing after family prayers each morning, Anna yawns and proclaims her love of something or some other gem...
I love elephants.
I love the Little Mermaid
Do you want to feel my feet? (no!)
I love big trees and little trees.
I call yellow cars mustaches, because they pop.

What's your favorite fruit? Apples, bananas, strawberries and cupcakes and watermelon.

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