Monday, June 20, 2011

Memory Monday

Random Confessions and other Stuff & Things

  • When Gina was a baby I used to tell her how pretty she was in a really mean voice. It would make her cry. When I couldn't take her crying anymore I would assure her she a brat in a really nice voice and then everything was all better.
  • When we were kids, Mom's spankings were worse than Dad's.
  • Speaking of spankings, 4 words that brought a chill to any Anderson child were, 'Go Get The Board.' That's right people, Mom and Dad had a special paddle to spank us with. It was brutal.
  • 3 more words that cause the 'chillled' to panic...'Grab Your Ankles.'
  • A very long time ago I helped my mom drown a cat.
  • When we would visit Grandma and Grandpa in Basin City, one of the highlights of the trip was walking across the street to Villa's - a little Mexican mini mart. I always bought a candy bar.
  • When Wendi, Heather and I would play house, they called me 'Baby Goo Goo.'
  • Heather also used to pack my eyebrows with mascara. (Like they aren't bushy enough on their own.)
  • When we lived in Meridian, before my Dad covered all the walls in the family room with wood paneling, Mom gave us brand new crayons to color all over the walls in the room. I also decorated other rooms in the house to be helpful.
  • I always loved new crayons.
  • When I was in 5th grade we had a table cloth that was mostly red with a fine white pattern. I loved that fabric and I guess I wanted a swatch of it...or something - because I cut a piece out of it.  I didn't think Mom would notice. Less than 15 minutes later she noticed. I'm not sure it if was because I left the swatch on the table next to whole or if she noticed the scissors there too or maybe a combination but she noticed. Mom and Dad immediately knew who did it. Garen. He got spanked. I admitted it in 2007. (Sorry Garen.) 


Kate said...

I will ignore the part about drowning a cat. Although I already knew this, I choose to forgive you and still be your friend. :) and also, i am imagining you with mascara in your eyebrows now. hah!

Kimberly said...

Hey! I grew up in Meridian! I don't think I knew you guys ever lived there.

Garen Anderson said...

What the deuce!?!
Really? Really Dedra?
What else did I get punished for that you did?

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