Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea: Comparing your mom's beehive hairdo to Megamind.
Bad Idea: Putting your Mom's picture and Megamind on a split screen and seeing how right you really are.

Good Idea: Going to the gym in the morning.
Bad Idea: Eating Spamoni in the evening.

Good Idea: Committing to putting up 52 new recipes in 2011.
Bad Idea: Actually have to put up 52 new recipes in 2011.

Good Idea: Llamas with Hats.
Bad Idea: Killing people, biting a lot of holes into life boats, and ripping tags off of mattresses.

Good Idea: Buying a swimming pool for the summer time.
Bad Idea: Allowing the children to talk me into setting it up last Saturday. (June is not warm enough to swim outside in the PNW.)

Good Idea: Taking pictures of your children.
Bad Idea: Not saving the pictures to your hard drive and them somehow damaging your chip so you can't re-look at over 100 bad pictures from the photo shoot. BOO!

Good Idea: Agreeing to watch a movie with your husband.
Bad Idea: The Guardian, Miracle, Rudy and Coach Carter. I was to accidentally maliciously damage all 4 of these dvds.

1 comment:

Katie said...

I am completely in love with the comparison between Mom and MegaMind. It is so wonderful and so true!

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