Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Ken still thinks he's a super hero.
  • Me playing 'For All The Saints' hymn #82 on the organ. This Sunday is going to be a special treat for Lacey 2nd.
  • I won a CD on the radio this morning. I can't remember which CD, but when it shows up, I'll share.
  • At this gym this morning, I did a mile on the elliptical machine in 12 minutes, 40 seconds. That's my fastest mile. Ever.
  • The Google logo today! It's a guitar tuner. You can play it! I forgot what I was supposed to be google-ing. (Awkward.)
Awkward and Awesome:


Amy N. said...

Way to go on the mile! That's awesome!

Also, thanks for making me waste a ton of time on that guitar thing.

And I love special treats, so I'm very excited for Sunday.

Marie Martin said...

Every week is a special treat! I am going to listen for a fanfare announcing the bishopric. That would make my day.

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

WHAT is the story with that picture?!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

THIS picture CRACKS me up!!! What the heck is it?

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