Friday, August 19, 2011


Fact: Spending 19 days in Utah/Nevada in 90-100 degree weather makes you want a sweater and a warm bed when you get home. We're a little bit chilly.

Fact: No housework was done while I was away.

Fact: We have been cleaning our house all day.

Fact: I want a juicer. Does anyone have one I can borrow that lives in my time zone?

Fact: I like this picture...
Fact: Nicole and Matthew were standing in the corners because they were being naughty. How was your summer vacation?


Kate said...

first, I need your definition of what 'naughty' means.... You called me that today too, but I didn't stand in the corner. heh heh...

secondly, i do like that picture, I do NOT have a juicer, and i wish we lived in the same timezone, but we do not. this is a fact I forget often - (hence the early morning calls) :)

Nicole said...


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Do you have a Juice Tiger?

oh Nicole, I can't imagine you were being naughty!

Nicole said...

I wasn't being naughty Matthew and I were fighting and mom put us both in the Corner

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