Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Playing the organ in church after not practicing for almost a month. I stink.
  • The side effects from drinking 32 ounces of diet coke from 10:30pm - 1:00am. I stayed awake during the movie, slept horrible, had freaky dreams and woke up with a dry mouth, heart palpitations and a little jittery. A Mormon Hangover, I'm sure.
  • I spent 4 hours cleaning my room yesterday. I'm almost done. {My room resembles a hoarder in the making}
  • Last night I was talking to my friend Amy on the way home from our movie and her speech was slurred. It was also awesome.
  • The following conversations:
Matthew: I have an itch on my neck and a rash and it hurts. {a heat rash}
Nicole: {Sitting straight up in her bed from a lying down position} Mom! Do you think it's chicken pox?
Note to Self: Hide the healthwise book. {Nicole was reading it again yesterday.}
oh that's creepy!
I never noticed that before!
27 miles from Bliss. I got diarrhea there 3 years ago. {Sorry for the TMI}

  • The movie, The Help. I really recommend you seeing it.
  • I took my friend Amy cookies the other night and I was officially her BFF for 24 hours. Yes, she's that shallow. {A direct quote from her.}
  • I got a free pioneer girl outfit for Anna that's a little too big for her. She's worn it everyday since last Saturday.

  • Ryan is giving me a juicer.
  • My birthday party is October 21 at my house from 9pm to 9am. Are you coming?
  • Free fabric
  • White elephant gift exchanges. {We had one last night at an RS meeting and we're having one at my party! Another reason to come. You can receive a really crumby gift.}
Awkward and Awesome:
  • We encountered this woman in a restaurant in Las Vegas. She is not naked, although from the photo you can't tell. She was wearing a really low tube top sans brazier. A saggy situation indeed.


    Amy N. said...

    In my defense, it was the latest I've stayed up in months, and months, and I did not have a coke. I practiced good driving the whole way home though!

    Ryan Anderson said...

    Did you diarrhea ever clear up or has it been going for 3 years now? I could not tell if it wa a story or you were sharing where this nightmare started.

    Ryan Anderson said...

    OH and the Jucier=Birthday present.


    Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

    LOVE the pioneer dress :)

    Can't wait to see The Help!

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