Friday, August 26, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

I spent my anniversary in Las Vegas with my sister and the big kids. Here we are in our hotel. Gina's the photographer...
 The Excalibur

 m&m world
 random pics from the strip.
 Star Wars dudes. Matthew was the white one for Halloween a few years ago. There is a black on between them.
 The Eiffel Tower
  More m&m world

The Belagio. The reason I wanted to go to Vegas.
 The fountains were not a disappointment. I could have watched them all night. They were AWESOME.

 The Las Vegas Temple. We didn't get a good photo of this one. 
 There is an elliptical machine in the back of this truck with another truck bed over the top plus a lot of tie downs. We thought it was funny.
I went. I saw. I took a lot of pictures. I don't ever need to go back. Ryan said it the best. You feel the spirit leave when you enter the city limits. I do believe he is correct.


The Price Family said...

I went visiting teaching yesterday and Lisa told me she new you! What a small world. Looks like a good time in vegas!

Benjamin Draper said...

"Star Wars dudes.... There is a black one between them."

Really, you don't know who Darth Vader is? You just refer to him as the "black one?"

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