Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Volume II (all pictures)


 Gina likes cutting my hair into a mullet before she does the actual cut. I think she secretly hearts mullets and wants to raise a houseful of children sporting mullets in various lengths and hair colors.

 Once again, Gina is super awesome. I had just woken up. Yes, that is what my hair looks like.Yes, that is a moomoo. Yes, I'm old.
 My niece, Tayla.
 'Yes, this is my truck. No, I won't help you move.' (Adam, I took this picture for you.)
 Anig sent a nice text to Recneps. This is what he responded with. Her nice text as a vampire. He's a photoshop ninja. There's an app for that!
 Rice Crispy treats straight from the pan.
 Wild fires all over Idaho are stinky, but they sure create a fantastic sunset!
 Watching the Incredibles with a projector. This is Gina's whole wall.
Awkward and Awesome:
Matthew breathed this air for like an hour.


Nicole said...

Tayla is so cute and she has my sunglasses

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Mullets and Rice Krispies... oh, we were friends in the Pre-existence!!! I just know it!

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