Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still here and loving it!

More updates...

Vegas was awesome! It's definitely not a place I want to spend a lot of time but I loved it while we were there.

I lost 5 dollars at the roulette table. Dad said put $2 on 5. The minimum bet was 5 dollars. The other three went on 4 (my birth number) 7 (Gina's birth number) and 16.(mom's birth date.) 1 won. We should have bet on Wendi. Oh well.

I added a new state to my list down at the bottom! ARIZONA! {I hear they're running 2 a day in Arizona!}

We stopped in Manti and St George to take pics of the temples. I'd never been to St George.

We also saw the Las Vegas temple.

My plan for 100s of pictures is going as scheduled. I'll do good posts when I get home...in 6 days.

How is your summer break?

Today Gina and I are going to the laundry mat and we are recouping.

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