Monday, February 17, 2014

Day Four: A Song That Calms Me Down

When I was in the hospital, hours before Robert was born, I was kind of freaking out. The room was only quiet enough to hear all the noise of the machines. I've never been a TV watcher, so that was left off. Once we realized what was missing in the room, Ken went down to the nearest Deseret Book and bought a CD. It was an Afterglow CD. I don't really like Afterglow, in fact I lovingly call them Afterbirth. (You Are Welcome.) However, the CD Ken picked up was kind of a great one. This is the first song on that CD. I think I listened to it on repeat for about 4 hours. It was exactly what I needed that day.

It's amazing how that song calmed me, and that it did not leave a difficult memory attached with Robert. Instead, it reminds me of how strongly we felt the Spirit during that whole event. I can listen to this song today and all the good from those couple of days in the hospital come rushing right back to me.

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Ye Elders of Isreal by Afterbirth

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