Friday, October 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Quote 'I'm not going to take College Street anymore. I keep running into garbage cans.' (someone needs to learn how to ride their bike, and it's not Anna.)
  • I can't seem to remember that it's Thursday, on Thursday! A & A might be moving to a new day and time.
  • Gina. El Heh heh
  • My birthday party! Did I mention that already? There are many things that happened there that will stay there, BUT you are going to love Love LOVE the A&A picture at the bottom of this post. Do Not Scroll Ahead! There is important stuff here too.
  • We recently had family pictures taken. My Dad came along with us and we had some generation shots taken. We should have them in a couple of weeks and I will post them on this here blogdango.
  • I've started buying Christmas presents. My goal is to be done shopping by December 1st.
  • I made skirts for my niece and Nicole while they were camping here. [I thought I took a picture...maybe it's on my brother's camera.]
  • I put a black with white polka dot border around my houndstooth quilt. I wasn't happy with the fabric I chose for the back, so I'm waiting to finish that one until I have the right fabric.
  • I've completed 14 [FOURTEEN!] quilts this year. I think that is awesome.
  • I love dehydrated apple slices from the church cannery. I want everyone in the world to buy me a #10 can of those babies. Or a candy bar. With peanut butter.
  • Last night I went to Nicole's choir concert. It was really great! [As great as 7th and 8th grade singers can make it.] I may or may not have shed a tear or two, not from pain. I would go to a choir concert every week. I'm so glad we don't have band in our house anymore. Here is a little clip. I think by the time they're juniors and seniors, they'll have it together.

Awkward and Awesome:

Backstory: We had a white elephant gift exchange at my birthday party. Among many priceless gems, someone (a genius, really) gave a pair of monstrous toonies. [Toonies=Underwear] So big infact, that two of my friends could fit into them.

This is probably the only time underwear this big looks this...not gross. Hilarious! I bet you're sorry you missed it now!


Amy N. said...

What kind of dorks did you have at that party that would pose for those pictures?



Julie said...

Sorry I missed it, I ended up working late. Speaking of late, happy very late birthday

Woodberries said...

I agree Amy...it's so good you didn't participate in t hat madness.

Kimberly said...

I really want to see the houndstooth quilt when you finish!

Woodberries said...

Dedra--your friends are weird.

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