Monday, October 17, 2011

Memory Monday

So I've never claimed to be the sharped tool in the shed or the brightest bulb out there or any other saying along those lines, which I am awesome at messing up anyway. But sometimes, the things I don't get can be a little embarrassing to ask for clarification.  

For Instance: Have you have ever had a family member who you had no idea how you were related? I have. Twice. Maybe three times.

Exhibit #1: Shirla. She was my aunt...older than my mom but younger than Grandma. She lived in Basin City. Definitely from my Mom's side of the famdango. I knew Mom was the oldest child in her family but Shirla was my aunt. I finally asked my mom where she came from when I was about 9. She's Grandma's Sister--my Mom's Aunt. I loved her. She died when I was 17.

Exhibit #2" Grandpa Calaway. I loved this guy SO much! Sometimes he would come to visit with Grandma and Grandpa. How does one have 2 grandpas? I was so confused! My Dad's Dad was dead before I was born. His Mom didn't come around very often--maybe 3 or 4 times in my life that I can remember. How did Grandpa Calaway fit it? He was Grandma's Dad...Shirla's Dad too. He passed away when I was 11. He made the best peanut brittle ever. I still miss that guy!

Exhibit #3: Kyle. Still trying to figure that one out, but we have made arrangements for him to join the Galactic Alliance or something.

This YouTube Video does NOT represent my family in the least, but at 2:30 the singer mentions he doesn't remember how Fran and Rita are kin to him. That's why I'm sharing it. It's a little unsavory and I love it anyway.

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