Saturday, October 29, 2011

How the Cheney's do Christmas

Last year while I was on Facebook I read a quote on my friend's wall.

Something they want
Something they need
Something handmade
Something to read

More stuff does not make it more magical!

It was like sirens were going off in my head! A serious light bulb moment. We are notorious for making our Christmases way too big. I learned that from my Mom. As a child I loved it, but as an adult [with 5 less children than my parents] we simply can not afford it. I also know from first hand experience that more does not make it more magical. It's just stuff [from the dollar store.]

So this is how we do it:

On Christmas Eve our children open 1 gift each. It's pajamas.

On Christmas morning they get a stocking full of loot and a gift from Santa. They get 4 gifts from Ken and I. They also get presents from each other. That's a total of 8 gifts and a stocking to open, and let me tell you! That is plenty.

We do this same practice for birthdays, sans Santa. [I loathe Santa...]

I wish I would have seen that saying years ago.

How does your family do Christmas?


Marie Martin said...

That's almost exactly how we do Christmas too! Christmas Eve pajamas (homemade, of course) are one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Also, I'm glad to hear of someone else that doesn't like Santa.

Amy N. said...

We do our Christmas very similar as well. I agree, more stuff does not make it better! More fun with family is what makes it so special!

Hoovy4 said...

Preaching to the choir, Dedra! Ours is "a want, a need, something to wear, and a read". I dislike Santa and have never made my kids to sit on his lap for pictures. One of our Christmas traditions is finding a new ornament that reminds us of something from the year. This year it is from Yellowstone.

Prism said...


I have been reading through your blog, and wishing you were closer! Here is my (long!) post on this issue:

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