Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Camping Trip

We had a camping trip planned this last weekend for the men and children in the family. The first night my brother Ryan took his 5 kids, one of their friends, and Matthew to the state park of their choosing and pitched tents.  In the pouring down Washington Fall rain. Day two the kids all voted what how they should spend the rest of their camping trip. AT AUNT DEDRA'S! [Disclaimer. We don't call our aunts and uncles by Aunt Marla or Aunt Sanette. It's Marla. It's Sanette. I don't do Uncle Steve or Uncle Brad. It's Steve. It's Brad. Most of my nieces and nephews, along with my own children, are the same way. Except for Ryan's kids. They call all their aunts and uncles by Aunt Dedra, Aunt Wendi, Uncle Adam, you get it. It's totally fine with me either way. It just catches me off guard.]

While the kids were lighting fires in my back yard and scaling trees the adults were doing this:

I'm actually included with these adults because I using my phone to take the pics of them playing on their phones. Where was Ken during all of this? At the temple. He had a veil assignment. He's the only one going to heaven.

How do you like Ryan's pajamas?! Awesome right?  My mom made them. :)

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Ryan Anderson said...

I think that is the most flattering phone I have ever had taken. I mean how in the world could I look any better. It does not make me look fat, unwashed or out of sorts in the least. WOW you have skills.

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