Monday, October 3, 2011

Memory Monday Mash up

Memory Monday Mash Up pt. 2
Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea: Playing Hide and Go Seek.
Better Idea: Using Mom and Dad's headset radios to play Hide and Go Seek.
Bad Idea: Ryan and Heather not letting Dedra play with them.
Consequence. I told Mom and Dad

Good Idea: Standing in front of the wood stove after a bath in the winter. It will warm you right up.
Bad Idea: Sitting on the hot wood stove after a bath  in the winter EVER.
Consequence: Garen had to have aloe vera put on his buns twice a day for 2 weeks and he couldn't sit down. BUT, there was 2 weeks of no spankings!

Good Idea: Cutting Gina's hair
Bad Idea: Cutting Gina's hair without Mom actually giving permission, even though she did say 'I don't care' but she was watching TV.
Result: I cut Gina's hair fairly short, got scared of what Mom would say so we wrapped her dry hair up in a towel to walk past Mom. Mom  noticed, knew something was up, asked up what we were doing, swore, sent us to our room and later Mom 'fixed' Gina's haircut.
Consequence: A special Mom haircut. (Gina's swears it wasn't a mullet.)

Merry Monday!

1 comment:

Unit 1860 said...

Dedra is LAME for being a tattle tail.

Gina is LAMER for liking her mullet and wearing it by choice up until about 6 months ago.


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