Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Little Minions

Last night was the trunk or treat at our ward building. All three of my kiddos went as minions but the girls decided to wear sparkly clothes too. Anna was a princess minion, Nicole wore the skirt I made her (and one for Regann) the other night along with orange and black striped tights. Matthew wanted nothing to do with dressing up but wore his hat so he could get candy.

The best part of the event was when Matthew trick or treated to his Orthodontist and he tried to give him a toothbrush. Then he picked up a bowl of candy that was set aside for his ortho patients that didn't have any sticky or gooey content. I think that's cool.

*this post is being published from the blogger app in my cell phone. I'm including photos but I don't know how they are being formatted on the post.

Happy 5th Sunday in October! Go to church!

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