Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


Anna asked me how old I am now that I had a birthday. I told her to guess. She said 16. I guess it's been than 46 or something.

A client I work with tells me she loves me one minute. calls me a cow or a b**** the next and then apologizes and tells me we're friends again.


I got a new pair of jeans this week! Hooray for no more ghetto jeans.

Halloween is over. Now time for Thanksgiving/harvest-my favorite time if the year. Oh how I love fall.

My brand new sewing machine (purchased in Feb) broke. Badly. (not awesome) It's totally covered by warranty so they have to fix it or replace it. The motor seized so I'm hoping for a replacement.

I'm hanging out with my Dad today. We'll be eating chicken chop chop salads at Spiro's in Silverdale.

Awkward and Awesome

I'm going to Pt Hadlock today to pick up 24 cases of Campbell's soup. When it's cheap you gave to stock up!

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Sunshower said...

Hi Dedra,
I just read 'bout your machine. I know they'll replace it---but I wondered if you would also like mine-you sew SOO MUCH and I'm just "not".
It's a VERY NICE machine---a Bernina.
I bought it for about 1,000 when I got the settlement in '09 and have only made 1 dress for Tayla on it.
NO CHARGE;-)...'cept maybe that we could be Mom-in-law and Daughter-in-law again with a new slate?
I love ya, Dedra. I'm glad your birthday was happy:-)...Sherry
My email if ya need it:

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