Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea - changing out a broken light switch.
Bad Idea - tightening the light switch cover so much it literally snaps into 3 pieces.

Good Idea - buying Gina's Christmas present for Ensign Ranch.
Bad Idea - telling her. She gets a little testy because she doesn't like surprises.

Dear Gina, I have your Christmas present for Ensign Ranch. Heh heh

Good Idea - taking Nicole to get her eyes checked.
Bad Idea - Vista Optical (you get what you pay for)
Good Idea - buy one get one free spectacles! (Still not worth going to Vista Optical)

Good Idea - getting prepared for future events and possible circumstances.O
Bad Idea - creating a problem before it arises.

Good Idea - following my blog.
Bad Idea - not following my blog.

Here is a picture of me and my Dad.


Kate said...

ohhhh, i like future events and possible circumstances. the good ones. :)

also, bad idea - juicing a pizza. I kept thinking about that today and it almost made me vomit. :)

Sunshower said...

SURE IS a NICE pic!:-)

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