Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ken! [One day late]

Yesterday was Ken's birthday. He turned 36.

Here are 36 fun facts about Ken...

He's a mortician.

He's the oldest 3 boys.

He was born in California.

He was raised in Utah. (Provo)

I met him while he was serving in the Washington Tacoma Mission (in my ward.)

He is currently back in school pursuing a higher degree.

He sings show tunes in the shower.

He's had his license suspended twice.

He loathes summer.

He's a great tenor.

My mom liked him better than she liked me. (honorable mention to her: she would have been 64 today!)

He makes up words to every song he doesn't know - Which is just about every song he sings.

He's currently serving as ward mission leader...for the 4th time. [we aren't sure if he's totally awesome at it or if he stinks.]

The only things he takes seriously are monopoly and Xbox.

He doesn't change his clothes when he gets home from work. As a result he has chopped wood, swept the chimney, mowed the lawn and many other chores in a suit and tie.

He like bottle caps and smarties.

He doesn't like French fry casserole! (gasp!)

He's got no sense of time.

He loves going to the movies.

He loves Disneyland.

and Mickey Mouse.

Steak is his favorite meat.

His favorite color is green.

He likes Dr Pepper the best.

He is addicted to flaming hot Cheetos.

He does not like pickles.

He likes going on day trips randomly with not planning.

Over night stays are even better.

He falls asleep every night watching a dumb movie.

He sometimes thinks he's a super hero.

Every time he shares his favorite scripture, it's a different one.

He likes buying shoes.

He helps the kids with their homework.

He's wrecked 4 or 5 cars - in a years time.

His kids think he's the best Dad ever.

I know he's the best man out there for me.

Happy birthday Kenneth!! I love you!

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