Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


Long sleeve shirt sleeves. Why are the long sleeves on my shirt 5 (FIVE!) inches too long?

Ken gave a talk in church last week. (not awkward) People keep making mention of the fictional characters in a story he told. (from the Friend) I told him he should bear his testimony with an update on Jamie. He declined, but that would have been awesome!

On Monday Ken and I took Matthew on a date after FHE. We were in the car getting ready to pull out of the garage and Matthew told us to stop. He forgot his tie. He walked back into the garage, climbed the latter to the attic and grabbed his tie. This is a two part awkward. #1 Why did he want to wear a tie with his jeans and a t-shirt? #2 Why was his tie in the attic? Bonus: How did he even know or think to go up there? The boy makes me proud.

Ken thinks teachers are social communists...does he know what my education and work background is?

Making a general statement and later finding out someone took it personally.

Me parenting small children.


My brother's baby #2 was born.

My kids are doing well in school. (Which has nothing to do with Ken's opinion of educators.)

I totally love the work I'm currently doing.

We are having a 4 course fondue dinner for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited!

I am getting a new sewing machine - besides the replacement brother. More info coming once its in the state of WA.


What are your plans for Thanksgiving?


I almost forgot!
Awkward and Awesome:


Darcy said...

I love the fondue Thanksgiving dinner idea! I may steal it, you won't mind right ;)

Kate said...

Let it be known that Dedra stole the fondue idea from the smartest person in the world, ME. we usually have chinese for thanksgiving, but this year, we are changing it up with massive amounts of fondue. :)

Hoovy4 said...

So you're getting 2 new sewing machines? Lucky you!!
If we ever have Thanksgiving at our house (so far it's always at my mom's), Dave & I have decided we'll make salmon. It's closer to what the pilgrims would have eaten, and I like it better than turkey. But I LOVE the fondue idea. btw - if you need a fondue pot, we have one.

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