Friday, November 25, 2011

Finish it up Friday!

Hey everyone,

Today I'm linking up with crazymomquilts finish it up Friday. I have two things to add to my list. I actually finished them last Saturday. I was going to hurry and finish them so I could link up last week and then thought better of it.

I made two Christmas Tree skirts out of coordinating fabrics.

I've always wanted a tree skirt and it only took me 14 years to 'find' the perfect one for our family. We love a good jigsaw puzzle.

The puzzle quilt was originally a lap quilt measuring 56" square. I loved it so much, that for about an hour I was hesitant to made it a skirt, but I cut a line from the corner to the center and went ahead with my original plan. It's been adorning my undecorated Christmas tree since Tuesday.

The circle skirt, I made as an early Christmas gift. It will be delivered this week.

Merry black Friday! Go finish something up!!


Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Awesome! I love the puzzle look - it's awesome! And it's great to have a tree skirt you'll love after all that time! Nice work!

Rózsa-Dorina said...


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