Friday, November 18, 2011

Things I have done, which you probably have not.

•I spent the night at a weigh station. (I was with my Dad.)
•I ended up in Utah on my way to Washington, traveling from Idaho...Ryan was driving.
•I went to TCBY (the country's best yogurt) during Sunday School. Our teacher took us. He got in trouble.
•I've eaten Balut. (thank you Ryan)
•I've swam in the Puget Sound (and a few swimming pools) fully clothed. (with Gina)
•I went to an AIDS/HIV conference in hs just so I could spend the night at a hotel and miss school.
•ever hear of bush jumping? I think my friends and I made it up. Find big fluffy evergreen bushes, run towards the as fast as you can and jump into them. You'll get a few scratches, probably rip a brand new pair of jeans and get in trouble from your church leaders but its a good time. (when you're 17)
•I walked from Boise to Meridian with my sister when I was 8. (with Heather)
•That's all for now.

What are some odd things you've done?


Kate said...

we used to go to Ritas (italian ice ) during sunday school and be back for relief society. hypothetically speaking, that is.

Amy N. said...

Love it.

I can't think of a single random thing I've done right now. However I've done some doosies. I just can't remember what they are...

Ryan Anderson said...

I used to go to breakfast witht he deacons quorum after we collected fast offerings sunday morning before church...until the Bishop and our parents found out and explained what "Fast" sunday meant.

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