Thursday, December 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


• At a ward party last week the drinking cups were blue and red. My friend Amy made the comment that they were making us take sides for which university in Utah we chose - BYU or Utah something. I told her they were making us pick which gang we supported. She's probably going to heaven.

I didn't drink anything. I don support Utah or gangs.

•I had a conversation with a person this week who was so worried about getting all their points and thoughts across that they didn't hear a word I was saying. It made for a 20 minute conversation that got no results.

•Anna is learning how to fix her hair. Some mornings when she leaves for school she looks like an orphan.

•I have had a few conversations with a person who has to think things through before making any decisions. Their answer until the decision is made is typically, there's a 50% chance of that.

News flash: there is a 50% chance of almost everything, it will either happen or it won't.

I told said person and they told me to shut up. Haha

•Christmas is in less than 3 weeks.

Are you ready?!

•I worked a graveyard shift Tuesday night. I love graveyard shifts!

•My phone speaks Spanish. ¿ ¡ ã ñ ¿Does blogger?

•I got my hair cut from a lady who reminds me of one of my favorite Kansas ladies. I loved it so much I had to call my friend in KS and tell her about it.

Awkward and Awesome:

•Nasal cleanses. They are gross too. Matthew calls it brain washing. It's addictive.

Feliz Jueves!

Ps, this post has been proofed for embarrassing autocorrects but I don't guarantee no typos.

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Amy N. said...

I loved your gangsta comment at the ward party. It was awesome.

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