Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


  • Putting the fact that I am 34 years old aside, I still feel completely insecure about going to an open invitation party without carpooling with someone else. What if all the sudden I'm the nerdy 6th grader that got picked on (A LOT) everyday!
  • I have the starts to many Christmas treats but have only completed 24 peanut butter patties. They're in the freezer. Tomorrow I get cracking on that or else I'm going to have to hand out new years eve treats.
  • I forgot my glasses today when I went to lunch and couldn't read the menu. Two of my friends had to do it for me. Lame and Awkward.
  • After lunch today I got a flat tire. I went to the tire place to get it patched and they asked me if I was ready to have my tired rotated again. I told them I'd never had them rotated and the guy took my mileage and told me it should have been done twice by now. I felt awkward.
  • I picked my new glasses out today. I will have them in 7-10 business days. After I ordered them I realized they look a lot like Nicole's. Not matchy matchy, but very similar.
  • Christmas is in 3 days!
  • My friend, Amy, posted her A&A post today and added a special line (About not wearing pants) just for me. She knows I'm actually a blonde stuck in a brunette's body. Click on her name and read it. Let me know if you had a different visual before her disclaimer!
  • Lunch with friends and no kids. The. Best.
  • My tire couldn't be fixed. <-- not awesome. Because I bought for new ones there last January, 11,000 miles ago, they replaced it for $15.00 <-- awesome.
  • This post is not typed on my cell phone. 

Awkward and Awesome:
  • I totally thought I was done Christmas shopping and then I realized I didn't have any of Ken's stocking stuffers. I'm done now.
  • Here is the photo of me and a few of my friends today at lunch. It's awesome because we had a great time. It's awkward because only Amy and I made faces you can see. (Dear Amy, I think we are nerdy 6th graders, but that is why we are friends. From, Dedra) Also, (Dear Marie, Happy Birthday one day early. I had a great time. From, Dedra) 


P Kirkwood said...

Is it awesome or awkward that I hardly know you, yet love you so much? Fun times.

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

:) Merry Christmas! Loved the card. :)

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