Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here a quote, there a quote, everywhere a quote quote

** things we say far too often at our house **

What the crap?!

Why'd you poop your pants. (way way way too much)

You're smart.

I am so awesome.

That sounds like a personal problem. Maybe you should do some personal progress.

** movies which are over quoted **

Meet the Robinson's
I have a big head and little arms...

Groundhog Day
Am I right or am I right? Right. Right. Right.

Master of Disguise
It's so crazy, it just might work.

Mountain of the Lord
Good boy Hampton. (or Matthew or Nicole or Anna)

** YouTube videos overly quoted **

Kid History
Specifically volumes 4 and 6.

** things people have said that weren't true **

It wasn't me!

Dad did it.

Mom said I could.

My room is already clean.

I am so awesome!


4 more days until Christmas!!


Amy N. said...

Kid history 4 & 6 are the best ones! I know it's green, but what else is about it?

Hoovy4 said...

"It will make you nice and strong" (in a sing songy voice)

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