Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things I am thankful for

Today I've copied my brother, Ryan on my blog topic. Here is a list of things I'm grateful for which force me to keep my glass half full. My life is not easy right now but I don't see a reason to complain about it because I'm doing everything I can to improve it.

I'd like to encourage you to write a list like this too.

I'm thankful for the soiled diapers of a 21 year old woman that I get to change at work. It's really gross, makes me dry heave and smells bad. Sometimes it takes a dozen (or two) wipes and two or three pairs of gloves to get the job done. But I can take care of my own personal hygiene needs without assistance.

I'm grateful brother made me a crummy sewing machine because it broke so quickly all the repairs were covered in the warranty.

I'm grateful that I have a child with serious anger issues who sometimes punches holes in the wall because every time s/he does what s/he's told with only yelling at me, we've have a victory.

I'm grateful our dog, Animal gave our whole home flees last year. Now I know how to get rid of them without spending a small fortune AND I know I NEVER need another dog or pet!

I'm grateful for the three migraines I had that totally knocked me on my butt. It helps me to not even notice the dull ache I have almost all the time.

I'm grateful for the 75 minutes I have with my kids each school day because it makes me a better mom during our short precious time together.

I'm grateful we spend so much on gas and especially high utility bills because we had the means to pay them and it means we don't live in a tent or a van down by the river.

I'm grateful for the mother like figures in my life who can bug me (just a little) at times. They helped me live another year with out my own mom who bugged me at times. (a little or a lot depending on the subject :) )

I'm grateful for the disfunction in my own family, including having a sibling I haven't spoken to in a year and half and other little dramas. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all--and I love and pray for them daily by name.

I'm thankful I hit the wrong notes on the organ occasionally in sacrament meeting because I have hands and a brain that can read and play music.

Best compliment I received this year:

Dedra, I've never seen you without your glasses. You're really beautiful.

Ummm, thank you?

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