Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas at the Cheneys

Santa surprised the kids by showing up a day early this year, completely unexpected. It was glorious for the following reasons:

  • We didn't have a hard time getting them to go to bed.
  • Ken and I (and my Dad) were able to sleep in until 7 and they didn't get up until breakfast was ready.
  • Even Nicole and Matthew were lost in the spirit of Christmas [and surprised].
  • Because I was off work today, but have to work swing tomorrow, we were given a whole day of fun and tomorrow we will be able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. {and the kids won't rebel because they can't play video games on Sunday. We would have had a mutiny if they opened those gifts tomorrow.}
  • My Dad was here for all the fun and helped me memories that the kids, especially Matthew, will remember for a long time.
So here is our day in pictures.
Matthew finally got the million dollars he's been asking for.
 Nicole and Anna's stockings. [This year Santa left their socks at the kitchen table so they would notice them.]
 'Christmas' morning
 Mine and Ken's socks
 Going through the loot.
 Waiting very nicely to open their gifts.

 I'm sad this is blurry but it's the best reaction from Matthew, opening his 'main' gift.
 Nicole opening hers.
 Anna got a gift from her friend, Abby. It's a small tote full of dolls that they play with when they get together. I show this picture instead of the one of her opening her 'main' gift because this was the highlight of her day. She played with it all day, took a nap with it and tried to sneak it to dinner. Abby wins this year. (Thanks Abby and April!)
 Ken. [Have I mentioned that I really like this guys?]
 Quilts they got for Christmas. {Their handmade gift}
Matthew -- Go Oregon Beavers!
 Anna - Hushabye by Tula Pink
 Nicole -- Filmstrip 9 patch.
 Silly string war!
 Matthew is naughty. :)
 Nicole got a label maker.

That's how it all went down! It was fantastic. I hope your day is too.

stay tuned for one video in a couple of days.


Hoovy4 said...

Those quilts look great! Abby is super happy Anna loves the dolls! And that she can play with them, too.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

I love the idea of having stockings and opening presents at the table.... definitely going to do that next year.

Those quilts are AMAZING!!!

I especially love Nicole's:)

Looks like you had a BLAST!

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