Monday, December 19, 2011

A Memory Monday Christmas Carol

The ghost of Christmas past:

Age 3, my mom made me a couch with yellow fabric. It was in her closet. I used to steal Garen and Adam's bottles and drink them while laying on that couch.

Age 4, my favorite gifts were a football helmet and a cardboard dollhouse. I learned later that I wasn't given either of these gifts. Apparently they belonged to Ryan and Heather.

Age 5 I got a purse.

Age 6 a baby doll I named Rebecca.

Age 7 another baby doll. Her name was Rebecca also.

Age 8 Wendi gave me a sweater. She had a matching one.

Age 9 Garen puked on my new dress while we stayed at grandma's house. I also rearranged the presents so I could get what I wanted. Somehow mom new.

Age 10, I got a dollar store Barbie and I learned the truth about.......my mom.

Age 11, I started enjoying the giving of gifts.

The ghost of Christmas present:

My family doesn't get together on Christmas day. We all have our own traditions. But, we do get together the third weekend in January and eat for three days. It's always epic.

I finally decorated my house today.

I'm done shopping but I've miss placed my inlaws' gift. I'm still looking for it though.

Santa is only filling stockings.

He may or may not be coming early. TBD.

Santa no longer enjoys chips and Pepsi. He now wants Oreo truffles and egg nog.

The ghost of Christmas future:

I'm envisioning my stocking being stuffed full of coal and loads of home made pajamas.

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