Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Tender Mercy

A week ago, Friday, we started our annual trip to Ensign Ranch at the Seattle Temple. I always love attending the temple, but this particular trip was extra awesome. I was able to attend with three of my siblings--Adam, Gina and Kyle--and Adam's wife, Casandra. What topped the awesomeness off was my Dad officiated the session we attended. I was seriously crying tears of joy before we left our house that morning and they didn't stop completely until we left the temple grounds. It was so special.

We attended the 10 am session. We'd been in there for about 45 minutes when I realized something. I was going to be the only person in my family who wouldn't be participating in the prayer at the end of the session.  I started scanning the room. Everyone else in the room was a stranger I didn't recognize and believe it or not, I'm not brave or confident enough to just go up there to the circle and wait for a partner. I just don't have it in me.

I started praying. I told Heavenly Father I'd really like to participate in the prayer if it be His will. The session continued and I prayed the rest of the time. When it was time for the prayer, Adam and Casandra as well as Gina and Kyle went up to participate and I watched the group grow. When it appeared the company was complete and I was still seated, I felt a little sad. Gina was motioning me to come up and join, but I just shook my head. Then a brother stood and went to join the company. I immediately followed suit. I was able to tell him he had been an answer to my prayers, because I had 5 family member in the group.

When the session was over and Casandra, Adam, Gina and I were all squished on a couch, waiting for our Dad, that brother came and spoke to me. He told me he had the impression he'd be participating in the prayer three different times that morning, including right before he stood up to join. He said the first thought came to him before he had even made it to the men's room.

He then told me, "Heavenly Father is mindful of you."

He was right! Heavenly Father is mindful of me. He was preparing to answer my prayer before I even knew I had a request.

It certainly was one of His tender mercies, meant specifically for me. I am still grateful.


Marie Martin said...

What a beautiful experience! It really touched my heart.

Lisa said...

Wow that's so neat. What a great experience.

The Price Family said...

I sure do appreciate you in my life Dedra Cheney. I love your spirit and watching you often times reminds me to get closer to my Heavenly Father. You are such a great example to me and to others around you.

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